Monday, February 22, 2010


After talking with Jamie, who will eventually be typing her own posts in time, she has a goal of delivering toys, snacks and personalized cards to children undergoing epilepsy treatment at our local children's hospital.  As a patient, she understands how nice it is to receive these tokens of love to bring a smile over all the fear that is introduced in the world of epilepsy.

These are the goals we established for her:
  • Deliver a set of toys, cards and snacks by July
  • Deliver another set of toys, cards and snacks by Christmas
  • Use half of allowance to buy toys and snacks
  • Make cloth bags to deliver the gifts
  • Make cards to deliver with the gifts
  • Create buttons to help others to encourage to support this endeavor with proceeds going to purchase more gifts.
  • Raise awareness on epilepsy and how others can make a difference.


  1. What an amazing blog! I found you through MBC. I can honestly say this is one blog I will be looking forward to reading any new posts. I will be praying for Jaime and look forward to seeing the many ways she will be a positive influnce to those who meet her. I love having "random acts of kindness" days. I also have a heart for children. I run an organization called Operation Sweet Dreams and we provide free pajamas to children of low-income families. I love meeting people with the same vision of making a different.

    Jaime- you are an amazing young lady. Have you heard of Kate McRae ( She's my other little hero. Thank you for wanting to share with others what you will be doing to raise awareness for epilepsy and how you will be blessing others in the process. You're an inspiration!!

  2. What an inspiration your little girl is to many. =D

    Blogs like these warm my heart. I hope Jamie meets her goals and reaches the souls of many.

    Following from MBC.

  3. BRAVO Jamie! You may be a little girl (a very beautiful one at that), but your heart is BIG! Thank you for thinking of others and putting in the work to help the other kids feel happy and less scared about their treatments.

    Your mommy is a wonderful friend, so you can count on me to donate Ficklets to your cause. I wish you the best and know you'll do very well.


  4. Such wonderful comments that I can't wait to read to her when she comes home! She's going shopping with her big sister today to use $15 to buy Kohls for Kids books to donate for the gift packs. Thank you so much for the encouragement to her as I can already see her smiling face! She's a giver :) and a keeper!