Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Waussie Series of Children's Book & a Thank You

Never heard of a Waussie?  Jacqui contacted me with an offer to sponsor Jamie's efforts for helping other children with epilepsy!

The Waussies were born in Australia. They were once called Wacky Aussies; but their tongues became twisted when they tried to say it, so they shortened it to Waussies.

The Waussies believe in being kind, good health, having fun, and laughing, especially at themselves! And Waussies never give up, even if the problem seems a little difficult.

Once you get to know the Waussies and follow in their footsteps, being kind, helping each other, laughing at your mistakes and keep on trying – you, too, will become Waussiefied!

There are six great books on the Waussies:
  • Boomerang Waussie to the Rescue
  • Beachball Waussie’s Lost Air Stopper
  • Tennis Racquet Waussie’s Space Adventure
  • Burger Waussie’s Lost Bun
  • Hiccup Waussie Loses His Hiccups
  • Pineapple Waussie’s Tickly Problem
About the Author:

Jacqui Taub, born in England and raised in Australia, Jacqui has 4 children and 13 grandchildren. Many of her nonsense poems have been published in anthologies, both in Australia and London. She wrote her first poem when she was five years old.

Jacqui was inspired to write about The Waussies while raising her four children in Australia. Today she continues to write and illustrate, to the delight of her grandchildren.

She writes and illustrates her own work.

About the Waussie Books:

When you purchase a Waussie book, you also get an a CD audio book along with the great Waussie song!

On the Waussie site, you can even have your children watch Jacqui read the stories via video!  I think that is such a nice extra touch to show her love for writing and children.

To purchase, visit Jacqui's author page at Amazon.

Don't forget the coloring pages for the little one's here or the cute Waussie song here.

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