Tuesday, March 2, 2010

We Are On Our Way!

Just received a phone call from the local children's hospital, MCG of Georgia, and they are going to let Jamie embark down this journey and I'm so excited for her!  She's in school so I have to wait until she gets home but I know she will be happy and I suspect the $5 the tooth fairy left her last night will be used for this!

Tonight, we'll decide if we'll make the bags or buy them.   If anyone has any great ideas on what to add or make, please feel free to leave a comment!

Thanks to all those following Jamie and she would follow back but I didn't create a separate account for her so you might see mine (youthfultips) on your blog as a follower.


  1. Woo-Hoo!! *Doing the happy dance*

    Hmm, can you give an idea on contents, for bag size? Not sure on what you'll need.

  2. My plan is either I'll buy the little school type bags with draw strings to ensure nothing falls out or I'll sew them myself. I want to place a coloring book, pack of crayons, other small toys such as the things from Oriental Trading Company along with snacks for the kiddos and their parents! You should have seen her big, toothless smile when I told her the hospital okay'd it!

    She's using her toothfairy money to help too!