Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Bake Sale for Angels4Epilepsy

If we can pull this off, we're going to try to have a Halloween bake sale to try to raise some Angels4Epilepsy funds and can't wait!

I wanted to add a special thank you to Connie, who represents her brother from the Pepsi Refresh project for Libby (see widget below and please vote)!  Connie has donated funds to help Jamie with her Christmas delivery but also sent a box full of stickers, coloring books, toys and so much!  Thank you, Connie and please, please vote for Libby!  

Here are my ideas from using my new toy, the Silhouette SD cutter:

We're also going to try to rent a booth for Christmas too!


  1. Hopefully she is on the right med. Mine didn't get diagnosed till I was 15 so up until then kids teased me and called me spacey Tracie. Its hard finding the right med. God bless her-and her father.

  2. She's not had a seizure in some time although I question some of her middle of the night actions but was assured during her sleep study that they weren't seizures. I'm so hoping that hers will go away at puberty. We went through a lot of trial and error on meds and dosages to get it right. It's the migraines that are getting her too. Thanks, Tracie!