Friday, October 15, 2010

Help Children with Epilepsy While Inspiring Children to Give

Support Our Team! Angels4Epilepsy

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My cousin's daughter, Hannah, her father and a friend will be participating in a walk this Saturday to benefit children with epilepsy in Cincinnati.  Hannah is a very young, giving and inspiring person who strives to give back to others just as Jamie does with Angels4Epilepsy.  It's only fitting that my little family here partners with my extended little family in Ohio to grow and make a bigger impact while teaching our children such great values.

When Jamie was competing for the Pepsi Refresh Grant in August, my cousin Ruthie and her family reached out and went that extra mile to help her win.  They raised awareness by handing out flyers, suckers and even had "Angels4Epilepsy" on her son, Eli's boat at a race.  They were really wonderful in raising votes for Jamie.

Please sponsor Hannah and her team in the walk this Saturday even if it's $1!  She needs to raise at least $75 and her goal is $150.

Thank you!

Please click here to help or to read more about Hannah and her mission to help children with epilepsy as part of Angels4Epilepsy.

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