Monday, December 27, 2010

Help a RI Non-Profit Win for Children with Seizures and Epilepsy

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Please vote and help this non-profit win:
The Matty Fund
A vote for The Matty Fund is a vote to help children living with seizures and epilepsy right here in Rhode Island.  All fundraising efforts support programs and services that go directly to help children and families who struggle every day with seizures, the side effect s of strong medications and the social stigma that accompanies a diagnosis of epilepsy.  The Matty Fund is a non-profit organization started in 2003 by Richard and Debra Siravo in memory of their son, Matty, 5 years old, who passed away on Mother’s Day that same year from a prolonged epileptic seizure. Through their painful ordeal the Siravos recognized that public awareness, understanding and most of all resources and support for children and families impacted by epilepsy in Rhode Island was almost non-existent.  Our mission is to provide family resources, promote patient safety and improve the quality of life for children and families living with epilepsy.
The Matty Fund was established to help other families overcome the fear and frustration that accompanies the onset of seizures and a diagnosis of epilepsy. Knowing that a cure remains in the distant future, the Siravos wanted resources to help families who are living every day with epilepsy.  The Matty Fund, through its Epilepsy Resource Center, the only one of its kind in Rhode Island, helps families in the following ways:
  • Support Groups for parents and children suffering with seizures and the side effects of strong medications
  • Help parents and caregivers navigate complex medical, educational and social systems on behalf of their children
  • Promote patient safety through professional development for medical professionals and students
  • Epilepsy awareness programs that encourage a welcoming and safe environment at school, home and play
  • Offer activities and programs for children and families that are safe, inclusive and accessible for all
  • Fund epilepsy research
  • Fund summer camp sponsorships and college scholarships
Thank you for voting for Matty’s Kids!
Click HERE to vote.

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