Monday, February 28, 2011

The Gang Arrived for Purple Day

Jamie and her sister (not pictured) were excited to see the "gang" finally arrived for our Purple Day delivery to the children at the local hospital.  This will be a fun time because three days later, she will have a sleep deprived EEG to assess how her seizures are doing.  My fingers are crossed that the outcome will continue to show her type of epilepsy will be one she outgrows in time.  March 26 is Purple Day which is the day for epilepsy awareness.  It's amazing the number of people have epilepsy yet so much is not understood or known about the condition.  There are a number of wonderful groups and people who are helping to bridge the gap.  Stay tuned for a focus series on those making a difference.

In the meantime, think of doing something to help raise awareness for Purple Day on March 26th.  Even The Cake Boss, Buddy is getting involved!  A little makes a difference and collectively, we might make change.  We're delivering 18 purple Pillow Pets to help provide comfort to children hospitalized.

On another note, our little band of Angels are growing.  We have Elizabeth who is Jamie's niece (pictured above)!

Special thanks to Heather from the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida - Jacksonville office and Stacey from our home state of Indiana helping to spread happiness there!  Their assistance in delivering gift bags to Florida and Indiana helps to raise more awareness about epilepsy and their help is greatly appreciated!

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