Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Purple Day 2011

How did you spend Purple Day?  We organized gift bags for both children and adults full of goodies and Pillow Pets to bring smiles to those little ones in the hospital.  Not all the children we deliver to have epilepsy as we don't limit our donations to that but we do hope to educate and raise awareness with each delivery to include SMILES!

Jamie had fun putting all the bags together along with her three year old sister and her older 22 year old sister.  We find this a great way to spend family time together while ensuring they learn to always give back and never let a chronic condition keep you down.


  1. I love my Stanley (koala pillow pet) it was given to
    me as a gift...was told I helped her win the pepsi
    contest...Bologna..They won on their own merit
    i just sent out a few tweets , fb messages and thats it...they did all the work not me .

    love ya..
    Richard Hicks

  2. Thanks Richard :) Stanley needed you and we are still appreciative for all you did and do! x0x0