Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hernando is Getting Ready for Halloween

TG Bears' Hernando, Jamie and Danielle are already getting ready for Halloween by joining the Young Adults for Epilepsy's initiative by carving our pumpkins in a way to bring awareness to epilepsy.  Now, we don't know what we'll do yet but Hernando is already thinking of ideas on what he'll be for Halloween and he's not afraid to wear a tutu.

Did you know that November is the month for epilepsy awareness?  It's a great time of the year to help others understand what a devastating diagnosis this can be but it's also one that doesn't mean it has to hinder a person from making a difference.  Jamie has not thought twice about her epilepsy and along the way, we have met other incredible people who have and are making a difference.  So before we move to November, think about joining us in supporting the Young Adults for Epilepsy and carving a pumpkin to help raise awareness about epilepsy.