Friday, January 20, 2012

125 TG Bears' Hernando's in the Making

Our fearless Mama Bear is busy hand making 125 Hernando's for Angels4Epilepsy deliveries.  These unique hand made bears are just too adorable!  Adorned with purple ribbons which is the color for epilepsy, these little fellows will be delivered to children in hospitals in Indiana, Ohio and Georgia.

We are happy to have been able to partner with TG Bears for this wonderful endeavor sponsored by the Pepsi Refresh Project!  Altogether, Angels4Epilepsy was able to send $6250 to TG Bears for bears to be sent to children.

Update:  Mama Bear has been busy hand making our cute little mascot bears that will be delivered on Purple Day!  I think they are having fun judging by their pose!  Each bear is hand made with movable arms and legs.  Truly adorable bears that will go to adorable children with epilepsy.

Thank you, TG Bears and Pepsi!


  1. Wow - that person looks familiar :-)

  2. Awesome pictures! I absolutely love those bears and I'm glad to see that you're giving away so many! I wonder how mama bear does it sometimes!!! that would wear me out!