Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Epilepsy Foundation of Florida Walk the Talk

The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida is near and dear to our hearts.  We have a great working relationship with them mostly because they reached out to us and ever since, we have supported one another.  I was not only drawn to them due to the remarkable efforts of Heather Steele but also due to how effective they are at epilepsy awareness and support.  Angels4Epilepsy has donated a large set of medical alert bracelets to their clients thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Grant in 2011 and will again in 2012.  We value their efforts and want to support them all the way.

As they gear up for the Walk the Talk event, we want to reach out to our readers and request they make any sized donation to team Seizure Later.  If you have epilepsy, you understand the implications being diagnosed with epilepsy can be and saying goodbye to seizures is a much blessed event.  Unfortunately, not everyone with epilepsy can have a good control plan and suffer from seizures all the time.  Jamie was one of the fortunate ones in that her epilepsy was diagnosed right after she turned five and now at age eight, her epilepsy is managed with Keppra.  In fact, she's due for an EEG which will determine if her neurologist will try to wean her off Keppra to see if her type of epilepsy is gone.  She's lucky also in that her type of epilepsy, Benign Rolandic, typically goes away around or after puberty.  Even if her epilepsy does, we do not want to relinquish our responsibility to reach out and help others with epilepsy as well as raise awareness.

Please take a moment and help Heather raise the funds for her team Seizure Later.  Even if it's just a $1!  Every bit helps and helps another person with epilepsy.

Thank you and don't forget to look at the picture on the fund wall ... it's Jamie!

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