Saturday, March 10, 2012

Make a Difference

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It's easy to make a difference in our plight for epilepsy.  You might think it takes a lot of resources, money or a foundation to instill change.  Big result start by little steps taken first by many.  Individually, we might not be able to make a change or at least a visible change but collectively, we can. This month's Epilepsy Advocate laid out 10 ways to make a difference which I wanted to share at least five of them.

  1. Write a letter, send an e-mail or even a fax.  This is how bills are passed and recognition is given to recognition days such as epilepsy.  Coordinate to get others on board to supplement the letter writing and turn it into a campaign.
  2. Pass information on whether you read something in a book, an article, on the web or whatever. If you see something fun, interesting or even tragic related to epilepsy, make sure you pass it on.  SUDEP is not a topic that we want to hear about but the more we discuss, the more awareness is raised.
  3. Attend an epilepsy support group or if you don't have one, start one like our very own Angels4Epilepsy volunteer, Stacey Burns did.  Having a safe place to meet and talk about epilepsy, problems, news and more is comforting.  Mandy from Epilepsy Blogger has an online support group for teens to gather.
  4. Get your local bakery involved in the grand March 26th Purple Day.  Started by the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, now over 130 bakeries participate to raise awareness for epilepsy.
  5. Write a book that will either educate others or provide comfort to someone with epilepsy.  Jamie is in the middle of doing such an endeavor.  She wanted to help other children understand what she went through with her early days of being diagnosed with epilepsy to her current medical state.

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