Monday, March 26, 2012

Purple Day 2012!

I bet Cassidy Megan never dreamed her adventure into epilepsy awareness would become so big as Purple Day.  A grass roots non-profit that spread internationally to raise awareness about a chronic neurological condition coined epilepsy.  Whether you know it or not, there are many types of epilepsy and seizures.  Epilepsy can be controlled in some and in others it can't be.  Some have to have brain surgery to stop seizure or to lessen them and some just have to live with it.  Epilepsy affects the young and the old.  Epilepsy can be caused by a head injury or it can be something else unidentifiable.  Epilepsy can also kill.  Something called SUDEP which is not very well known unless you are a parent or a loved one with epilepsy.  SUDEP is frightening as there are no warning signs.

Every March 26th is what Cassidy called Purple Day.  We participated in Purple Day the last two years and this year was no different.  Here is our picture and our efforts reached across from Indiana to Georgia to Florida and Texas.

In Indiana, Florida and Texas, we distributed or will distribute, pending the state, teddy bears.  Our specific mascot bear, Hernando, has a purple ribbon and our logo on his paw.  Our bears were purchased with our recent Pepsi Grant money.

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