Sunday, March 11, 2012

TG Bears' Hernando Brings Unexpected Smiles

A week or so ago, an initiative was started to bring some unexpected smiles to some very special children who were hospitalized for their epilepsy.  Undergoing brain mapping is a tedious event.  
All neuroimaging can be considered part of brain mapping. Brain mapping can be conceived as a higher form of neuroimaging, producing brain images supplemented by the result of additional (imaging or non-imaging) data processing or analysis, such as maps projecting (measures of) behavior onto brain regions (see fMRI).
The act was started by a special person and it just grew rapidly to include donations from others and some from Angels4Epilepsy to allow these three cuddly, adorable and hand made bears to be delivered.  TG Bears was also instrumental in collecting the funds, making all three of the Hernandos as well as preparing them to ship with little time.  

This idea is special to us as it assures the gift is received by a child with epilepsy so with TG Bears, we are going to expand on the idea and create something special in the near future.  Stay tuned for the exciting news!



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