Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our Newest TG Bear Hernando Child

In the upper left corner, our newest member to the Hernando Hall of Fame joins the other children who have received a TG Bear Hernando as part of our joint venture with TG Bears.  An adorable hand made teddy bear is sent to a child undergoing a procedure related to epilepsy. The venture is funded 50% by members of the group and by us, Angels4Epilepsy, for the other 50%. For a limited time, we are also funding USB medical history bracelets for each child.  Our partner at TG Bears has the important task of creating these beautiful teddy bears along with managing the funds, shipping, tracking and being our cheerleader.  We are very grateful!

If you are interested in joining and having a child with epilepsy, please click on the Angels4Epilepsy/TG Bear to a Child with Epilepsy Support Group.  

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