Sunday, September 2, 2012

How Angels4Epilepsy Was Started

Angels4Epilepsy grew out of the kind acts of some special people one December back in 2008.  Three different groups of people went out of their way to give back to children hospitalized in Augusta, Georgia.  Jamie was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy (BRE) in June of 2008.  The following December, she went in for a 48 hour EEG.  While there, one group of generous people brought their therapy dogs to visit the kids and I can tell you that this was a big surprise for Jamie.  She also received these adorable stuffed animal with religious sayings on them.  The next group of folks were from a local church who brought activities, snacks and McDonald's gift certificates in a nice Christmas inspired gift bag.  I wished I could remember the church but unfortunately I cannot.  I'm glad in this day and age with the revolt by a self-proclaimed, inaccurate majority, religion still has a place in society.  I am grateful that these groups don't let the bad light that was unfairly cast on the belief of God to hinder their good will.  They helped to create a magical night for us with the fun things we had to do while staying in a boring hospital.  The final person or persons had pizza delivered to the families which was very welcomed as I myself was hungry and had no one to bring food to me.

This memorable night full of photos to her sisters, drawing pictures and playing games went down as one of our memorable trips away from home in spite of the scary proposition of spending two days and nights in a hospital being hooked up to crazy wires all over her head.  This was the beginning of Jamie paying it forward to other children with epilepsy.  

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