Monday, February 18, 2013

Jamie's Book I Have Epilepsy It Doesn't Have Me to Benefit Jessica Ridgeway's Legacy/Park

Jamie's book, I Have Epilepsy. It Doesn't Have Me has reached more sales to date.  Although we have not sold enough to reach our first goal which is to donate the first $100 to the Jessica Ridgeway park fund or to the Legacy fund pending on the family's choice, we are hopeful it will happen soon.  Our family has been taken by the tragic story of little 10 year old Jessica who reminds us of our Jamie.  Jessica was a very caring, giving, funny, bright and beautiful girl who had her life taken on October 5, 2012.  

Throughout last year and including her birthday in January, the Angels4Epilepsy team has done various things to show our support of the family and the loving spirit of Jessica ranging from setting up a purple Christmas tree to celebrating her birthday.  To check out Jamie's book, just click on the link above or to find out more how you can help Jessica's Legacy, click here.

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