Meet the Angels4Epilepsy Volunteers

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Jamie, President of Angels4Epilepsy

Jamie was five year's old when first diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy.  After a couple of medications and numerous testing, she finally became seizure free and is doing well.  Due to her and her sister's hospitalizations, she wanted to do something to give back to kids who are hospitalized.  

Judy (Jamie's mom)

April -  President of Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. in Georgia, Cody and Elizabeth


Danielle has her own medical complications and is also on two medications a day.  She has endured many more hospitalizations than Jamie and knows first hand how boring and scary a hospital is.  Danielle saves her Happy Meal toys for the children's gift bags, helps to assemble the gift bags and goes along with the deliveries. Danielle has also been diagnosed with a heart murmur.

Stacey - President of Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. in Indiana

Stacey began volunteering to help Angels4Epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana and started an Epilepsy Support Group in 2010. She suffered from Epilepsy all of her life.  She was fortunate enough to have brain surgery in 2008 and is currently seizure free.  Her goal is to spread awareness and reach out to other who are dealing with Epilepsy. The Angels mean the world to her because she completely understand what they are going through.  She has had her share of experience hospital stays and testing.

Ruth - Angels4Epilepsy in Ohio

Ruth began delivering for Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. in 2011 to hospitals in Ohio.  Her children have represented Angels4Epilepsy, Inc. in various competitions and walks.  

Aimee - Imagineer

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Aimee provides our creative support to include our embroider and sewing needs.

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