Monday, June 25, 2012

Angels4Epilepsy & TG Bears Strike Again

Angels4Epilepsy was able to do so much thanks to a grant from Pepsi.  One of the things we did was form a support group with TG Bears for parents with children that have epilepsy.  I've written about our Facebook support group before because it's a place that parents can request a TG Bear, also known to Angels4Epilepsy as Hernando, to their child if they are undergoing a medical procedure for epilepsy or related to epilepsy.  Our little bear friend above visited our newest friend and as you can see, he's really enjoying Hernando!

Angels4Epilepsy matches the donations to make this possible.  The donations typically come from members of the group but this time, the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation helped out with a very kind donation that we matched.  The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation is near and dear to our hearts because their cause is an often overlooked and unknown casualty of epilepsy.  SUDEP or Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy is the medical name for it.  The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation was started on behalf of a beautiful young lady who lost her life to SUDEP at age 16.  SUDEP is a real fear among parents of children with epilepsy and those with epilepsy.  We are honored to know them and hope you can take a moment to get to know more about what the Foundation does.

Thanks to Monica at TG Bears for providing the partnership for this to continue.  She is the beautiful handmade bear maker, the accountant, the shipper and the cheerleader!

After hearing back from the parents and receiving photos, this provides one more reason for Jamie to say, "I love my job!"

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  1. Such a privilege doing this and seeing these children hug their bears is the best!!